About Jason Colby

Your business needs to expand its reach, grow the bottom line and outperform the competition. It needs to be agile to address consumer demand, and fluid enough to react to market change. It needs to tell a story and remain relevant. And it all needs to be done under the confines of your mission and your values. This is how your company remains unique and builds a reputation – it’s brand. This is how success is defined.

I want to help your company achieve success. I want to help your business promote itself to new clients, to build on relationships with old ones. I want to optimize what is working and define what is not. I want to create, to explore and help your business grow.

Social Media Marketing

I have experience with a variety of different social media platforms and have developed custom strategies to help with:

  • branding and building brand ambassadors
  • online reputation management
  • establishing trust and open communication
  • building relationships
  • generating SEO and links
  • keywording strategies
  • live events and streaming
  • ad placement and targeting strategies

Website Design, Development and Strategy

I have created strategies, designed and developed for both large and small companies who are investing in websites to simply increase their online presence, to developing complex marketing strategies around the sales of services and products. Specifically, I have created and set up:

  • content and keyword strategies
  • sitemaps
  • user experience tests
  • responsive designs
  • analytics and continuous testing
  • content management systems, such as WordPress

Marketing Automation

As an Eloqua Master, I have helped to streamline marketing functions, integrate marketing channels, support the customer journey and qualify leads for sales. I have also:

  • managed and scored leads
  • set up campaign measurements
  • set up and managed subscriptions
  • developed personalized journeys through branded and customized landing pages and emails

Online Advertising

As a designer, I have produced a variety of different ads (both animated and still frame) for a variety of different networks over the years. I have also managed distributors, including:

  • Postmedia
  • DAC
  • DSA
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Eyemedia

Print and Traditional Marketing

I have produced varying types of collateral for businesses both large and small. From logos, letterhead and business cards to magazine layouts, brochures, posters, flyers and menus, I have done it all, in order to meet and exceed the standards set forth by the client.

Brand Management

As a brand specialist for Viterra, Brown-Forman, Charton-Hobbs and Big Rock, I have experience with:

  • team management
  • the creation of brand and sales guidelines
  • asset management and the production and distribution of creative templates
  • the institution of responsible marketing practices

Educational Background

Continued Education has grown more important to me the later I go in my career, although I tend to acquire knowledge from less traditional sources. I do a lot of online courses now, with yearly subscriptions to Lynda.com, where I continually expand my skill sets.

Bachelor of Multimedia (2001)
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology – Calgary, Alberta

At SAIT, learned the necessary skills to take my career forward. Here, I expanded my skill set in video, front end development, design and animation.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (2000)
University of Lethbridge – Lethbridge, Alberta

At Lethbridge, I developed a basis for my creative. I learned more traditional art forms, such as drawing and painting, but I also developed skill sets in video, 3D animation, photography, and design.


Senior Digital Designer
MNP (Formally Meyers Norris Penny)
Calgary, Alberta (2015 – Current)

I successfully created, managed and produced a variety of videos for external and internal communications. I managed the MNP youTube and Vimeo accounts and set up a network of videographers across the country. I was the key designer on a variety of website projects, including MNP.ca, MNPdebt.ca and the loop, MNP’s intranet site. I also produced a variety online ads, email and landing page templates, and developed the MNP digital standards guide.

Marketing Automation Specialist
MNP (Formally Meyers Norris Penny)
Calgary, Alberta (2013 – 2014)

After earning my Eloqua Master Certification, I helped MNP’s strategy team to develop an online SEO strategy, personalized outgoing emails and landing pages, scored and passed leads along to sales, reported monthly analytics and identified positive and negative trends. I ensured that MNP was CASL compliant and managed the subscription process.

Web Development Specialist
MNP (Formally Meyers Norris Penny)
Calgary, Alberta (2013 – 2014)

As the MNP Web Development Specialist, I managed every website property, collaboratively and efficiently produced new pages, and reported analytics. I managed all of the MNP social media properties and helped to create and promote an effective content strategy. I led online marketing initiatives acquired through mergers.

Brand Creative Specialist
Viterra Inc.
Calgary, Alberta (2011 – 2013)

At Viterra, I successfully created, managed, and coordinated a variety of traditional and online marketing projects and templates from concept through to completion across Canada, Switzerland, the U.S., New Zealand and Australia. I created, managed and populated the digital asset management system for Viterra, which distributed branded templates, photos, presentations, policies, letterhead, fonts, etc. across the globe. I was an internal stakeholder in the redevelopment and deployment of the Viterra internal brand. I also helped to assess and integrate external marketing efforts acquired through mergers.

Senior Graphic Designer / Brand Specialist
Industry Images Creative Studios
Calgary, Alberta (2003 – 2011)

As a Senior Graphic Designer, I successfully designed an assortment of different projects (such as magazines, menus, logos, signage, and templates etc.) for a wide range of companies from coast to coast. Through trusted relationships and collaboration with key clients, I have successfully conceptualized and produced a mixture of marketing collateral under tight deadlines. I also effectively directed a specialized team in order to meet brand standards on a national scale for high-profile companies, such as Brown-Forman, Charton-Hobbs, and Big Rock.

Graphic Designer / Presentation Developer
Street Smart Strategic Planning
Calgary, Alberta (2001 – 2003)

At Street Smart, I created an interactive CD and DVD presentations, based on research collected from focus groups, for key clients such as Finning, Bobcat, Monsanto, and Bayer. Working with analysts and key account managers, I collaborated to create concepts, charts, videos, user interfaces and animations, all within a specified budget.